Data Management from Redcello
Secure, compliant solutions for the Cloud Era

The cloud is changing everything. If you’re like many enterprises, you jumped to it to achieve its promise of dynamic scalability and cost efficiency. But the real benefit has turned out to be something different. Agility. Now, with the cloud, you have the agility to create a new web server on the fly. Or the flexibility to move infrastructure quickly to meet changing business demands. As you’re working to realize those initial benefits from your cloud transformation, embrace the total value of cloud agility today. At Redcello, we can help you construct the most efficient cloud implementation so that you can truly achieve the flexibility and data portability you need all while minimizing complexity, assuring security and avoiding unexpected costs.

Data Protection
Protect. Access. Comply. Share.

Data conversations are changing, so let’s talk. We can help you transform your data into a powerful strategic asset, with data protection and information management solutions that enable you to protect, access and use all of your data — anywhere and anytime. Commvault is #1 in cloud storage integrations, Supports AWS, Azure™, and 20+ more. With our focus on simplicity and automation, our approach to cloud and infrastructure management helps you cut costs, save time and reduce risk.

Workflow automation
Save time and reduce risk

The more systems you have, the more time it takes to manage and maintain them — and the more you could benefit from a workflow automation tool that streamlines and automates critical data management tasks like disaster recovery. Select from a catalog of pre-configured workflows or create your own using our intuitive graphical user interface — simplifying your processes, saving time and money, and reducing the risk of human error.

Data Sovereignty
All Data Held on UK based Systems

While policy continues to evolve around data access rights and sovereignty legislation adapts to UK and European Union demands, Redcello maintains all its customer data within the UK to avoid any data domicile concerns. All cloud backup services are based on enterprise class systems, with the option to have private or dedicated infrastructure, depending on your business needs.Following our principle of being Globally Local, we continue to develop our vision of being your local / national Cloud Backup provider.

Information Governance
Minimize Risks, Deliver Business Value

We hear it so much that it’s almost cliché, but data is the lifeblood of organizations today. It holds the promise of competitive advantage, improved efficiency and revenue growth. Faced with these opportunities, companies collect and generate more data than ever before – and still, they want more. But more data isn’t necessarily better, and not all data is good. In a worst-case scenario, data exposes the organization to greater business risk..