Next Generation Systems from Redcello, Delivering next generation technology today!

Infrastructure has moved on with virtualisation, convergence, flash adoption, low latency networking and total threat protection concepts. Let us modernise your business, enable competitive advantage, and simplify its management, enabling you to do more with less, thus future proofing your Enterprise..

Flash Adoption
Faster Smarter Simpler

Relentless data growth and the performance demands of business critical application are seeing scalable, ultra low latency flash memory and hybrid storage solutions replace traditional technologies. Redcello works with industry leaders like Pure Storage and Pernix Data to solve some of the fundamental problems in today's IT landscape, where storage can't keep up with virtualisation. Through the delivery of innovative solutions, Redcello bring a fresh approach to the challenges of disk based technology.

Total Threat Protection
In Real Time

Redcello's powerful, best of breed security products secure your organisations threat vectors; email, web applications, remote access, web browsing, mobile Internet, and network perimeters whether on premises or in the cloud. Leveraging the benefits of hardware, cloud, and virtual technology, backed by threat intelligence, Redcello's solutions deliver total threat protection from zero day, advanced malware, automated threats, and other attacks.

Invisible Infrastructure
Reshaping the Datacenter

The most transformative technologies are often the ones we dont even think about, enriching our lives, but we rarely notice them, they just work. Therefore the best IT infrastructure is Infrastructure you cant see. Redcello's role as we see it, is to enable this, so you can focus on applications instead of keeping the lights on. In conjunction with our partners we can help make datacenter infrastructure invisible, delivering turnkey solutions which elevate every aspect of the IT ecosystem.

Data / Network Analytics
Data is changing everything

Data has the power to change everything and business should have the ability to access and use data to change the way they do business and the diversity of open data sources is incredibly exciting. Explore what big data means to your business and exploit the insights gained by visualising your Big Data. Data analytics platforms transform unstructured data on your systems into structured patterns, enabling you to extract the insights you need to make quick, informed decisions about aspects of your business environment, delivering internal efficiencies and competitive advantage

Application Performance
The World's Best Storage Acceleration

What if you could decouple application performance from storage capacity, well now you can with solutions from our partner Pernixdata. This software will give your VMware environment more storage performance, by using server flash and RAM as an acceleration tier. Virtualised applications will instantly become faster, with response times from Virtual Machines as much as ten times quicker. Read and writes are moved onto high-speed server resources, therefore shortening I/O latency and reducing bottlenecks in storage arrays that virtualised applications are so susceptible to.

Software Defined Networking
Switching Provisioning Controllers & Orchestration

An SDN consists of three layers, Application, Controller, and Physical Network. The controller removes the control plane from the network hardware and runs it as software, but must integrate with all the physical and virtual devices in the network. In this way, the controller facilitates automated network management and makes it easier to integrate and administer business applications. There are a number of models under adoption in the market, such as Openflow, API Based, and Network Overlay being our adopted model in partnership with VMWare.