2015 has been an exciting year for IT – but what’s to come next year? Here are our five predictions:

1. The Internet of Things will continue to mature

In 2016, 5.5 million new ‘things’ will be connected to the internet every day. 6.4 billion interconnected intelligent devices will be in use worldwide by the end of the year – 30% more than in 2015 – and by 2020, that figure is set to reach 20.8 billion.

2. Object storage will take off

As we wrote in our recent article featured in Equinix Forum, the increased levels connectivity between objects also mean that data storage solutions will need to keep up. This is where object storage comes in: by managing data as objects, this solution is highly scalable with no need for supplementary data such as relational databases.

3. Big Data will further integrate with the cloud and the Internet of Things

Further building on the need for increased data management and analysis, cloud and data providers are set to further develop their offerings so that data can interact ‘seamlessly’ with their cloud based analytics applications.

4. IT security will become more predictive

At the moment, many IT security solutions are still reactive. However, building on analytics and behavioural analysis, we anticipate these to be more forward looking. This is especially important in the UK, where information security and data protection is highly valued: in light of recent policy change which includes a £1.9 billion cyber investment, the UK it set to spend more on IT security than any other country per head of population.

5. The hybrid cloud model will become more established

The hybrid cloud model combines the public and private cloud, enabling the transition of IT from technology manager to solution provider. However, combining public and private clouds can be challenging: Application, integration, and data architectures need to be reviewed, with interconnectivity options being a key enabler, and new management and deployment tools likely being required. Those businesses which are at the forefront of maximising hybrid cloud technology will have the competitive edge in flexibility and ultimately IT efficiency.

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