We help your business function as safely, efficiently, and cost effectively as possible by securing your environment against external and internal threats along with gaining control of your bandwidth to optimise its use.

What makes traditional firewalls vulnerable?

Gen 1 and Gen 2 firewalls use packet filtering, which restricts traffic based on the source and destination address and the network port. With the proliferation of worms, Trojans, and viruses specifically written to exploit well-known ports, these measures are no longer effective in protecting modern IT environments. Stateful packet inspecting with Gen 2 firewalls can help in further securing IT environments, but also limited in its ability to provide protection.

What makes antivirus software vulnerable?

With most standard antivirus products, the virus or malware has already entered the environment before it is detected and can be quarantined and cleaned. For the antivirus product to work, every device inside the perimeter needs to be running antivirus software with the latest definitions installed and working. If one machine is not up to date, or the antivirus software is not working, the entire network is at risk.

How can Redcello’s Managed Security service help my business?

At Redcello we offer a comprehensive range of Security Services applicable to your needs. We take a proactive approach to its delivery and management, and work with industry leaders to de-risk services to the greatest degree possible. Defining what we do and what is applicable to your business is high on the list of initial discussion topics, so do get in touch to learn more about what's possible.

Detects and resolves threats early

We tackle threats at the perimeter, preserving the integrity of your internal systems with:
• Application aware firewalls
• Intrusion detection and prevention
• Malware and Antivirus protection
• Denial of service and distributed denial of service protection
• Web filtering

Prevents data leakage

Online data storage applications (Dropbox, iCloud, Microsoft OneDrive) make it easy for people to save confidential corporate data in unregulated environments. They operate on well-known ports such as TCP/443 (HTTPS), which are traditionally open through the firewall to allow web access. This makes it extremely difficult for traditional firewalls to prevent them from being used. The Redcello Managed Security service is designed to specifically tackle these weaknesses.

Is application aware

Specific applications can be controlled through deep packet inspection (DPI) and regulated as required by corporate Governance. These controls can be applied at a user, group, or organisational level, which allows flexibility around implementation.

Preserves bandwidth and control costs

Many businesses resolve their slow internet issues by purchasing more bandwidth – but it’s seldom a permanent solution. The Redcello Managed Security service is able to report on traffic utilisation and highlight network use. Common heavy bandwidth usage includes streaming media: Youtube, internet radio, social media sites, file storage services such as Dropbox, Voice over IP (VoIP) services, and email.

Provides full control of the corporate bandwidth to maximise efficiency and reduce expenditure

• Quality of Service (QoS)
• Application filtering
• Perimeter malware prevention
• Redcello managed spam filtering
• Caching proxy
• Web filtering

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