Not long ago, punched cards were hailed as a major innovation in computing. The cards were utilised for many purposes, including computer programming, backup and recovery. And shortly after, the first human landed on the moon. Good times!

While punched cards may be found in a few museums or online articles, you won’t find them in modern enterprise data centres. However, you will find organisations that still rely on separate point solutions for data protection and recovery - including snapshots, backup, archive and reporting. Not long ago, separate point solutions were the only option available to address these needs. As a result, many organisations have come to accept the limitations that go along with them: separate software, separate interfaces, separate hardware and infrastructure, separate data silos, along with separate training and service agreements.

Today, leading enterprise organisations need the ability to quickly protect, recover, manage and leverage their data wherever it resides. And to remain competitive, they need the flexibility to deploy the server and storage solutions that best meet their objectives, without being locked in to a specific vendor’s hardware. Fortunately, there is a better way.

Unlike traditional solutions, Commvault® data protection and recovery software was designed with a single code base, a single index, and is completely integrated. Protected data is stored in a single virtual data repository (supports any mix of physical, virtual, cloud, or hybrid storage), which eliminates the separate data silos that come with traditional snapshot, backup, archive, and reporting products.

As a result, only Commvault delivers a unified, automated data protection platform that provides a single, complete view of all enterprise data wherever it resides. In addition, Commvault supports the industry’s broadest selection of storage arrays, virtualisation platforms, and enterprise applications, so users are never locked-in to a specific vendor’s expensive brand of storage or technology.

Commvault’s integrated solutions quickly protect data across the enterprise - including virtual and physical servers, cloud, hybrid, NAS, remote offices, desktops, laptops and mobile devices. Flexible data protection options include IntelliSnap® snapshots, deduplicated backup, replication and archive. In all cases, data can be quickly recovered in a single step. In addition, Commvault software enables organisations to actively manage and archive data across storage tiers to reduce costs and improve performance, immediately access data without waiting for a full recovery, and easily leverage data in support of e-discovery, regulatory compliance and other objectives. Commvault software also provides advanced reporting and analytics across all data and environments, so companies can make better business decisions.

So it’s no surprise that Commvault is positioned the highest on execution and furthest on vision as a leader in the Gartner Magic Quadrant for Data Center Backup and Recovery Software. Read it today and learn how Commvault Data Protection and Recovery Solutions from Redcello can help your organisation.

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