The Enterprise Application Lifecycle is broken, with public and private clouds operating in different spheres, enhancing compatibility between them is not straightforward.

However, it is possible to develop, deploy and manage applications for any cloud infrastructure. Operating on a central policy based engine, ElasticBox works to mask the differences between competitive cloud services, integrating them, allowing application development time to be halved, whilst the automated scaling up & down of capacity running on public and private clouds is made possible.

Deploy applications 5-10x faster by finding the balance between control and speed that suits your business. Increase visibility, collaboration and communication among teams. Enable continuous application delivery on any cloud. Empower developers to self-service infrastructure, while providing governance and control to IT Ops.

Software is the competitive differentiator in the modern enterprise. Increase and sustain rapid application delivery to establish your enterprise as a market leader. Using ElasticBox from Redcello, allows you to maximise on investments in scripting (Bash, Powershell), configuration management (Chef, Puppet) or container (Docker) technologies. By encapsulating the tools you trust, you can reuse the components across applications, environments and teams, speeding the delivery of project deliverables and applications.

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