Thanks to the increasing popularity of cloud computing and the forever increasing growth of the Internet of Things, more and more data is now being captured and stored on a daily basis. The rise in Big Data means that there is an increased need for software to analyse this data. It can be challenging to analyse Big Data effectively enough to prove value to your business, but there are a few ways to ease the pressure a little…

Make intelligent business decisions to grow your business

Companies of all sizes are now benefiting from developing Business Intelligence (BI) strategies, using real-time data to learn about new markets and trends.

The increase in demand for Big Data software, either to complement existing Business Intelligence (BI) applications or as a stand-alone product, has been greatly anticipated. The questions many businesses now need to ask themselves are:

  • How is Big Data software going to benefit my business?

  • Do I have the skills within my business to reap the awards of this investment?

Choose the right analytics platform for your business

Gaining better insights and being able to visualise your data more easily is great, but if you really want to improve the way you do business, you need to get the right solution in place.

The market is overflowing with real-time analytics platforms for both structured and unstructured data sets, but how do you determine which one will be right for you?

Large organisations usually have a suitably large team of analysts behind them who are able to implement full Business Intelligence strategies used to influence crucial business decisions.

For less experienced SMEs that don’t have the capabilities in-house to capture and analyse data, it’s worth considering using a service provider.

A good service provider will be able to advise you on the best platform to use, as well as taking advantage of any new tools and technologies to improve processes. Being able to present your data in a format that is easy to navigate and understand will help your business make key decisions quickly and enable you to build a strong foundation to grow your business. For example, user-friendly platforms like TICS and Zizo can help to analyse your data with a flexible interface that requires no hardware or software, giving you fast access to higher quantities of data without significant investment.

I think Big Data is here to stay, and good data analytics is essential to businesses looking to streamline and optimise their performance.

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