Redcello systems deliver your organisation the disruptive ecosystem advantage, while enhancing your agility and innovation, and taking the latency out of doing business.

What Can Redcello's Systems Services Do For Your Enterprise

Redcello’s systems sit at the center of the interconnected enterprise, within Platform Equinix™. Location matters, and with Equinix Cloud Exchange, market data feeds, Equinix Performance Hub™ and an array of carrier connections at its heart. Redcello’s platform services not only connect your business applications at the lowest latency, but our simple secure platform services are all you need to define, develop and deploy your strategic business systems at market data speeds. With interconnected platform services from Redcelloyou can put your enterprise IT at the center of it all.

Supporting Your IT Strategy Across The Hybrid Cloud

We deliver hosted and resell solutions that innovate our customers’ enterprise IT environments. We do this via the delivery of platforms and services that support, enhance, develop, protect and recover business systems, without having to rely on traditionally time consuming pre cloud methodologies. We specialise in tailoring enterprise class, managed and self managed, software defined solutions, enabling the hosting and interconnection of applications within and across an enterprise class hybrid cloud landscape.


Supported by the Equinix platform, we provide you with Instant Access, Hybrid Service offerings tailored to your business needs, and always keeping you up to date on how the latest IT developments could benefit your business. If would like to know more about the Redcello ecosystem - our managing director Jeremy Hansford would be delighted to talk to you. To set up a meeting, send an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or give him a call on 0330 2231042.

Download the detailed PDF here: Interconnecting Your Enterprise

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