A vDC is a pool of cloud resources specifically designed for enterprise business requirements. Each vDC gives you access to pools of Compute, Memory, Storage, Networks, Security and Virtual machines. This provides a truly scalable environment that varies in line with your computing requirements.

Why should I use Redcello’s Virtual Datacentre (vDC) service?

The vDC is configured and managed via a secure Internet portal which allows full control over your cloud environment. Our vDCs are hosted in secure UK-based datacentres and built on fully redundant enterprise hardware. This gives you exceptional availability, quality of service, and low latency connectivity.

With our vDC service you can:
• Create virtual servers and virtual applications (vApps) as required, on demand
• Scale resources for virtual applications as demand requires
• Template applications for rapid deployment and development
• Operate as a stand alone environment or integrate with your existing IT implementation
• Manage your environment with full control over compute resources

How does Redcello’s Virtual Datacentre service work?

Our vDCs can be fully customised to suit our customers’ business requirements. Once resources have been assigned to the initial vDC, it can be used in the way that best works for you. Services can be deployed rapidly from our pre built service catalogue that will have you up and running in minutes; alternatively, they can be copied or transferred from your existing IT services.

Connectivity can be provided in numerous ways, from the vDC being its own isolated entity through to it being an extension of your existing network connected via Site-to-Site VPN, MPLS, or leased line connection. Direct internet feeds as well as dedicated IPv4 and IPv6 addresses are available to cater for all your network connectivity requirements.

Why should I use Redcello’s Virtual Datacentre (vDC) service?

With our vDC service, you can expect:

• Business agility: you can scale resources as required to meet business demands
• Resilience over traditional server technology
• Productivity: new services can be deployed in minutes rather than days or weeks

• Resilience for cloud based services
• Time to market, rapid deployment and templates make new services much faster to deploy
• Business continuity and disaster recovery

• CapEx: there is no hardware investment
• Total cost of ownership – you only pay for the resources that are required with no need to over-provision to cater for spikes and variations
• Operational overhead: administration is reduced as there is no physical infrastructure that you need to manage

Download the detailed PDF here: Redcello Virtual Datacentre

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