Don’t. Let’s face it. In the multi-device era, a traditional approach to PC desktops is starting to present more challenges than successes. But equally, on premise VDI can be costly and complex.

For many, the solution that could best fit the bill is the cloud-hosted virtual desktop, or Enterprise Desktop-as-a-Service (EDaaS) as we call it at Redcello.

Traditionally-managed physical desktop computing infrastructures no longer make sense in the modern world of business. Not only are they becoming increasingly expensive, insecure and maintenance-heavy, they also struggle to effectively support the rapidly changing business IT landscape.

The forced migration away from Windows XP, an expanding virtual workforce, the growing popularity of mobile devices, the need to support ‘Bring Your Own Device’ (BYOD) as a corporate policy, and tighter IT budgets all point to the need to re-evaluate desktop strategies.

The potential benefits that come from virtualising Windows desktops and applications — centralised management, improved data security, simplified deployment, mobility, increased flexibility and business agility, as well as enhanced user satisfaction — are now well established and many organisations are taking advantage by transforming a significant proportion of their desktop estates in exactly this way. However, the virtualised desktop (VDI) is traditionally an on premise solution, requiring corporate-owned (and usually corporately-managed) Datacenter infrastructure. For many organisations, it’s relatively easy to roll the additional infrastructure capacity requirements for VDI into overall IT planning.

However, a growing number of companies either can’t or don’t want to expand their Datacenter infrastructure footprint to accommodate the capacity and management requirements of on premise Windows virtual desktops and applications. It could be that the organisation isn’t large or capital-intensive enough to support on premise Datacenter infrastructure at all, or has a strategic intent to move to an Opex model for IT (rather than investing capital in infrastructure).

Organisations like this are looking for a solution that gives them the benefits of virtualising their Windows desktop infrastructure, but without the Capex and management implications of on premise VDI. For many, the solution that best fits the bill is the cloud-hosted virtual desktop, and perhaps in turn, our EDaaS (Enterprise Desktop-as-a-Service) from Redcello.

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