Unified Authentication Service.
Mobile. Safe. Simple.

LogMote is a unique unified authentication service which manages both legacy and cloud applications. Your smartphone becomes the contactless key to unlock, simplify and accelerate your user accessibility. LogMote offers a contactless strong and secure authentication technology initiated by a simple scan of a One Time QR code. Users can log into multiple devices, and applications without the need to remember and type in their passwords.

Why should you use it? Totally flexible, LogMote works everywhere and does not require infrastructure modification, any additional hardware, or additional resources, so is totally cost effective. Manage and secure access to online business resources as well as traditional business applications. LogMote Pro unifies and manages the authentication process for professional users and helps promote the adoption of highly secure passwords.

Multi Platform
Patented Technology

Use LogMote to securely access your applications on your mobile, your tablet and even your computer. LogMote is a user centric and synchronizes your employees applications across all devices..

Secure Sharing
Dedicated servers, Private Cloud, or SaaS solution

Let another user access your account without giving your credentials. With LogMote, you keep full control of permissions. Add or remove another user directly from your smartphone..

Security and Privacy
QR code with One Time encryption key

LogMote guarantees the association of the user authentication data with the corresponding application in order to protect the company against phishing attacks. LogMote also avoids keylogging attacks, and protects user privacy.

3 Factors + SSO
Smartphone, Server and Application Connections.

From your smartphone, simply scan the one time QR code displayed on the screen and you are authenticated in all your accounts. Compatible with SAMLv2, LogMote servers can become an identity provider and federate authentication of your applications.