Trend Micro Deep Security - Cloud security at it's best


Multiple security controls, throughout all your cloud environments. Defence in depth has never been better with Trend Micro Deep Security. With 30 years of security-focused expertise, Trend Micro has protected over 500,000 companies and are industry leaders in cloud computing security. Trend Micro's commitment to providing seamless protection throughout your cloud environments is unrivalled, partnering with other industry leaders, such as VMware, AWS and Microsoft to bring you fully integrated and optimised solutions for your mission-critical systems.

Leader in Cloud & Virtualisation Security
The best you can get.

Voted the Market Leader in Server Security by IDC for seven years straight. Trend Micro are also a leader in Gartner’s Magic Quadrant for Intrusion Detection and Prevention Systems.

Easy to deploy - simple to manage
Quick and easy to deploy.

Enjoy comprehensive and deep security - with simplified provisioning, efficient management and unified reporting all via a single pain-of-glass with visibility across your cloud in real time.

X Gen Threat Defence Techniques
Always one step ahead.

Comprehensive defence-in-depth multi-layered protection against Network and Application threats. Defence against Malware and targeted attacks. Protection against vulnerabilities and the ability to local down systems and identify suspicious changes.

Lower risk and compliance requirements
Above and beyond.

Traditional perimeter defences are no longer sufficient to protect data from the latest threats. Trend Micro goes beyond appliance-based security to your security closer to regulatory requirements and compliance (i.e. PCI DSS)