Platform services from Redcello, where simplicity is the ultimate sophistication..

Redcello delivers a cloud platform built on the trusted foundation of VMWare that is compatible with your on-premises data centre, this includes virtual infrastructure services, disaster recovery, and various applications as service offerings. Our virtual datacenter service allows you to extend your workloads into the cloud with ease. You can migrate existing onsite virtual machines (VMs) to our multi-tenant or private services, or start up new application VMs directly in the cloud. You can also easily port VMs and other business-critical workloads back and forth to the location of your choice, all with the secure and capable foundation of vSphere. Please take a look at some of the solutions that make up our Virtual Datacentre Services below:

Virtual Datacenters
Private Public Hybrid

100% Software defined enterprise IT application environments, hosted on industry leading infrastructure and services, configured to your specific business needs, paid for as you go and scaled as you grow.We can offer dedicated Private, Secured Multitenant, Hybrid VMWare, AWS, Azure based services, even hooked into your on premise IT services where required.

Provisioning Scaling Optimising

To truly enable the greatest benefits from "IT as a Service" or "Enterprise Cloud", Services must be elastic, resilient, secure, and responsive. Through the automated scaling of systems, demand can be addressed and lulls managed for cost, allowing new levels of efficiencies to be delivered in Business IT Service

Security Services
Platform Host Network

At Redcello we offer a comprehensive range of Security Services applicable to your needs. We take a proactive approach to its delivery and management, and work with industry leaders to de risk services to the greatest degree possible. Defining what we do and what is applicable to your business is high on the list of initial discussion topics, so do get in touch to learn more about what's possible.

Blueprinting Services

In concert with our other activities, we are developing an ability to deliver Orchestration and Application Blueprinting services for Customers, Partners and Ourselves. Need a template that delivers your application at the touch of a button on a particular service? Perhaps our developers can assist you with that. As we leverage a range of different Software providers and Public cloud services to develop our hybrid offerings. We can develop outcomes based on your particular need.

Data Management
Protect Manage Access

We deliver a full suite of foundational platform services, which ensure the security, protection and simple management of your business data, be that on our site or yours. Services are priced based on volumes of data under management and with you retaining full control. Data is all stored in the UK and is easily retrievable as and when it may be required.

& WAN Connectivity

Redcello partners with some interesting niche providers and the usual major bandwidth providers, enabling us to deliver creative, cost effective bandwidth solutions enabling new services in a number of cases in more challenging rural locations. Get in touch and let's see what we might be able to do to take the latency out of your business.