Total Threat Protection from Redcello
Secure all your threat vectors

Keeping the organisation up and running requires a reliable, secure network for both employee and potentially customer use. The growing security threat landscape, BYOD, customer expectations, WiFi, customer transactions, and the distribution of business locations can cause a multitude of IT challenges. With Redcello your business can take care of all its networking requirements with a range of easy-to-deploy and manage solutions. All features are available to ensure security, reliability, and easy management.

Redcello's powerful, best of breed security solutions secure your organisations threat vectors – email, web applications, remote access, web browsing, mobile Internet, and network perimeters whether on-premises or in the cloud. Leveraging the benefits of hardware, private cloud, and virtual technology, backed by threat intelligence — Redcello solutions deliver total threat protection from zero-day, advanced malware, automated threats, and other attacks.

Perimeter Security
Making sure no-one can get in or out...

The most attacked surface remains the network perimeter and its gateway with the internet. Security measures at the perimeter are the first line of defense. Perimeter security plays a critical part in any infrastructure’s security. We can help you discover where connections with the internet exist, who has access to them and for what purposes. Then we can establish the best way to secure and defend them without getting in the way of the business or users.

Internal Security
Stopping Malware in its tracks...

Malware today exploits vulnerabilities in a network, program or device. Understanding where these vulnerabilities lie is critical to maintaining a healthy environment. When visibility is obtained you can then effectively manage and secure networks. Threats never stop changing. Neither should the security measures. By identifying network traffic, establishing points of risk. We can then determine the best defense against those risks.

Cloud Security
Protecting your services

The cloud is an attractive alternative to traditional computing approaches. It promises unrivalled access, elasticity, and responsiveness. Just like traditional computing, it comes with its own security issues. It is attractive that users are harvesting exposed data and services. Allowing new threats to emerge. Intelligent new security measures have emerged to counter the risks. For organisations thinking of using the cloud, there are many important questions which should be answered…

Data Security
Protecting customers data

Proactively identifying and classifying new threats and protecting your data based on the threats value, with compliance in mind is imperative. Particullarly when PII (Personally Identifiable Information) is at stake, the data processor must successfully execute DSAR (Data Subject Access Requests) and the Right to be Forgotten. Classifying it according to importance, then implement security measures to protect it at rest and in transit.